Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Have you met this guy?

Backed in the corner. Nowhere to go. Broke. Desperate. At the bottom.

Ever been there?

Plenty of people have. The question is; are they still there?

Over the last few weeks I have been contemplating different reasons why some people have significant success and others don't. The stories that we all remember are the big comebacks, the stories of someone who overcame the odds.

We have all watched Rocky, we might have experienced the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team, or even know the journeys of Henry Ford, Winston Churchill or Albert Einstein. These are all examples of against the odds victories.

We all love these stories and how they grip us.

Let's flip the coin; let's look at someone who is not a come from behind victory. Someone who is doing okay. Someone who always pays their bills on time. Someone who has a decent car and a good job.

Do we hear much about this guy?

My answer.

Not yet.

Perhaps this is you. My belief is this; there are many people out there that are not living their purpose. As Claude Hamilton says, "There are few men daily pursuing their cause." There are many people that have good lives, not great lives.

The topic is so heavy I could write for hours, however your time is better spent discovering your cause and chasing your dream.

After only a brief couple days and a conversation with a person I truly admire I have discovered that it doesn't matter if you are backed in a corner, have nowhere to go, are broke or desperate or even at the bottom.

You get to choose. You get to author your story.

The world is waiting. Start writing your life today.

God bless.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

He didn't have to... but he did

It is 11:00 p.m. on July 3rd, 2012; I just got home from a working all day and a leadership meeting in Neenah, WI. I received a piece of mail from one of the leaders at my church.
Man; did it get my attention!
I am including below the words from this letter, but first let me tell why this letter had such an impact on me.
Gene Miels wrote me -Nicholas Nighbor- a letter thanking me for my service to my country. I would like to make a point; this blog post is not about me; it is about Gene.
I met Gene only a couple months ago; I have been a partner at St. Mark Lutheran Church in Green Bay, WI for a little over two years. I have gotten to know Gene over this short time and he has really impressed me.
He has held several leadership positions at the church and has spent so much of his time serving others with his gifts.
I some day would like to be of this same service to the congregation in the future.
Gene hand wrote a letter, yes, that's right, hand wrote a letter expressing his thanks asking me to accept his deepest 'thank you' for the service to the USA.
I feel so very blessed to have a wonderful family, great friends, and leaders I get to learn from.
Gene did not have to do this... but he did.
I hope this touches your heart as it touches mine. The last time I have received a written note was when I was overseas over five years ago. Handwritten letters mean a lot and Gene just reminded me how impactful they can be.
Gene took time out of his schedule to sit down and write a letter, address it and send it in the mail.
This may sound trivial in today's society of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and email and texting; but that is why it is so powerful.
I challenge you to write a hand written letter to someone special to you in the next two weeks. They won't forget it.

Below is the letter from Gene:

Dear Nick,
As our country celebrates the 4th of July Holiday, I am compelled to reflect on those who served to protect our liberties and freedoms. We all know freedom is not free. I appreciate the sacrifice that you and all our veterans have made; a debt of service which can never be fully repaid. Please accept my deepest 'thank you' for your military service to our country. Enjoy your 4th Holiday! May God continue to give grace and bless you and the United States of America!  Your friend, Gene

God Bless,
Nicholas Nighbor