Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wanted: Leaders

Our world needs leaders don't you think? Where are they coming from you ask?

I have the answer. 

I have been blessed and privileged to be part of a wonderful organization known as LIFE. Haven't you heard  yet? Oh... you will. Best selling authors Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady are two of the founders of this movement they call LIFE.

Just recently I was privileged to experience a small nugget of the power of the LIFE organization. I traveled to Wausau, WI to hear from Chris and Denae Mattis; leaders in LIFE that traveled all the way from California to share their message. 

Once a month the LIFE community gathers for more than one purpose. One of those purposes is to build and develop leaders. How do they do that? They bring leaders in to speak and share their 'fruit on the tree.'  I have learned to get knowledge of those who have come before me and succeeded; those leaders are Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Bill Lewis and Steve Morgan

These leaders have created a systematic approach to share truth, develop leaders and turn the tide of this country around. They call this Compensated Communities. They have a ton of results, but they personally can only do so much. Your reach is only as great as your influence in your community.

These seminars held on a monthly basis are so powerful my words and their words are not enough to explain their scope. However, I can give you a quick synopsis of the value it does provide. 

The LIFE business was created to develop leaders; we need people hungry enough in their own life to change themselves first which can then change their marriage, their family, their community and so on. This is done first by sharing a message on LIFE skills that can help each individual perform better in their career, relationships or personal life. 

The LIFE business is a business. The second talk explains how to build leaders and how to build compensated communities. I am not in expert in community building but there is a great system available that leads people how to do that. What excites me so much in the LIFE business is they put up a speaker on stage that has results today. Those results are not from last year or 10 years ago. They are succeeding today. That is who I want to learn from. 

But what if they have all these results and I don't? That's okay. The seminar wraps up with a personal testimony, a story about where they came from, the struggles they had, the issues they had to work through to get their victory.

I am really excited to be part of the LIFE business. As Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady say; leadership is for everyone. They provide a disclaimer though; for those hungry, hone-able and honorable. If you are one of those come check out the next seminar coming to your area. 

If you recently attended a seminar for LIFE share your comments below on what kind of impact the LIFE business has had on you. 

God bless,