Monday, April 14, 2014

Everything you got

I would love to sit down and interview 100 people and ask them this question: What is the last thing in your life that you gave everything you had? I mean everything.
It could be a goal back in high school or college, it could be paying off debt, it could be parenting, or it could even be physical goal like running a marathon or dieting.
Sorry ladies; you can't say childbirth. :)
If you can answer that question, how much time has passed since that moment?
If you can't answer that perhaps this blog will help you do just that.
In high school I was very involved in sports; I ran cross country and track. I look back now I can be honest with myself and say I could have tried harder during those practices and meets. I truly thought I gave everything I had.

As I have been in the finance industry for over 10 years and raising a family I think more and more about what value I can leave to others. What will you be remembered for?
Some people say it's never too late. Never too late to go back to school. Never too late to get diet. Never too late to learn something new.
Chris Brady, a best selling author says something different. There can be a too late. There is a too late when your health is gone. There is a too late to fix a relationship. There is a too late to take that dream vacation.
I have learned by surrounding myself with people that do give their best and strive for excellence every day it is a lot easier to make the decision to go after something, to chase your dreams, to take that one thing off of your bucket list.
I am not sure what legacy you want to leave or any major goals or dreams that you want to accomplish but you do have what it takes, and it will take everything you got.
Thanks for reading. God bless.