Thursday, March 24, 2011

Intentional Man

Last week I met up with a gentleman and his wife whom I have not seen for almost 10 years. He was at one time my parochial school teacher and coach. This gentleman played a big part when I was younger; a time that has shaped my decisions in high school and college and even to this day. He is a called worker in Christ and he is devoted.
I have the opportunity to share
a business plan that will help people in several areas in their life. I have a system that helps people with faith, friends, finance, fitness and many other areas. I shared this business plan with my former teacher who is just as involved as he was when I was young with being engaged with family members and continuing to share his gift to others.
What I found was very interesting when I met with him again.
Two things. He is intentional in what he does and has a passion for what he does, he understands the field he is in requires more sacrifice than other positions and even less pay for the responsibility he carries. After reviewing my information I lent him he said, "I gave a lot of thought to what you shared and I understand the sacrifices I make for what I do, but I ultimately serve others and love to do it."
You must understand he was not making an excuse or saying 'oh woe is me.' He was saying I choose to do what I choose to do and I love what I do.
Second, he is a man. Men are male. But not all males choose to be men. Several articles and books have been written on the lack of leadership in our country; especially men. This man serves his family and he is the leader of his family. He is not authoritarian where his wife cowers behind him. They are a team together and they understand each others' roles.
I have met many families that do not have this figured out. This man understands and applies it to his life.
I look back to my heroes when I was young, I was a diehard Michael Jordan fan. I think of today and the sports stars and the media and examples they are setting for the young children out there; it depresses me.
But now I can look back at 31 years old and say Kevin Buch is one person I can look up to and model for my family. He is afterall, an intentional man.

Who in your life do you know has these character traits? And what can you model from their example.
Thank you and God bless, Nicholas Nighbor