Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Parents Are Awesome.

My parents are great. I have the best parents in the world. The reason my parents are so great is because of what they have taught me and how that has not changed over my life.
My mom is awesome. She loves to spend time to be together and cherish moments with her grandkids. It is hard for me to picture her as a grandma; even though she has six grandkids.
My mom loves to buy gifts and give them to her family. My mom is unselfish. She will put her needs last during those holidays and give give give. My mom is a hardworker and looks forward to the day she can pick any day of the week to spend with her grandkids. That is cool.
People can become so used to the normal day to day life things and I give thought to how much I appreciate my mom. My mom supports my dad and that is awesome.
My dad is awesome. When I was young I feared him and at times disliked him(teenage years); but now my dad and I are so close. We talk almost every day. I respect my dad. My dad works hard and provides for his family. My dad reads books to learn and I think that is cool. My dad has never complained about work. My dad taught me the value of hard work. I sure hope I can be a dad like that. My dad has a big heart and he wants what is best for his family. My dad stands on solid ground.
My parents are awesome. Most kids can't say that. I appreciate how the Lord has blessed me with great parents.