Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friction Free

What is friction free? Can you picture wearing your ice skates moving along a perfectly smooth ice rink? Or sending a bowling ball right down the middle of the lane just before it hit’s the pins? Or maybe watching your kids getting a running head start and landing on the slip and slide during a warn August day.
When things are friction free the momentum that is started is very hard to stop. You have so much energy in that one direction that it takes an even great force to stop something in motion.
Do you have any things in your life that are friction free? It could be your job, your relationships at home, your ability to get along with others.
The reason I am writing about this is because my wife has really become my number one fan and having the goals, dreams and aspirations I do; she still loves me and does her best to make things at home friction free.
Just as in every marriage there are ups and downs, if there aren’t… just wait.
The book that comes to mind for me is Wild at Heart by John Eldridge. He talks about a man and the things a man needs to fight for to be a man. I picked up this book a couple years ago and it explained a lot to me. Every man does want to accomplish in life. This can be in any area in life. But a man, does want to leave some kind of mark not only for his time while he is on the earth, but would also like to leave a mark with his family and friends. I am not going to go into details on this book because I could not do it justice. Just pick up the book.
Why am in mentioning this? The reason why is because I have a burn to do something great in my life and my wife can understand that.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about dart league or fantasy football or hanging out with the guys being the first one there for the tailgate (Packer fans can relate).
I am talking about significance. It is difficult for a man to do something significant in his life when he hasn’t had the success he wishes he had by now. And that might be a reason to be the best at fantasy football. Because there among his friends he is ‘successful.’
In order for a man to do great things; having support from his spouse is more important than creating that significance. Now that might sound contradictory, but it starts at home. You can have all the significance in the world, but if you have a broken relationship at home, is it worth it?
I don’t write this because I have it figured out. I am writing this because I am starting to figure it out.
Now try to picture two figure skaters performing a routine flawlessly-friction free. It looks easy. But you can bet they worked at it too. God bless, Nicholas Nighbor