Monday, November 22, 2010

A Breakthrough

Today I am writing about breakthroughs. Over the last couple years I have not spent much time playing sports, working out and joined any kind of athletic team. I have not participated in lifting weights or anything of that matter. You can understand that being part of a team in sports you have a better chance of improving your skills. It does matter what kind of league you are in. It matters how competitive the league is. It matters if you are playing against people or teams that compete at a higher level.
I can recall being part of a intramural volleyball in college, it was co-ed and most of the players were there just to have fun and play volleyball. Not me.
You can also understand I did not improve my volleyball game in that league either. It was more of a social league.
Anyone can experience a breakthrough. It is more common for someone that is new to something or some activity for that person to improve.
I remember a couple of years ago I brought my daughter to

a gym where they had all these bounce houses and obstacles she had to go through to get through the whole maze.
When we got there, and I think she was only two at the time, she was completely unable to climb the ladders, slide down the slides and get completely through. But what I did to help her learn was to guide her through the obstacle course and build her confidence in each area.
It was only an hour or so later, she was traversing the obstacles with ease and was so proud that she could do this on her own. What happened?
She had a breakthrough.
Watching kids learn something new is so exciting for me. They are so teachable and they don’t have those limiting beliefs that most others have.
Why I am writing about breakthroughs. I am writing about this for a couple reasons.
1. When is the last time you had a breakthrough? When is the last time you learned how to do something you have never done before
2. I just happened to have a breakthrough myself.
I have been on a journey the last couple years, reading books and associating with people I would have never guessed. I have people in my life I did not know a couple years and they have made such a profound impact on my life.
This breakthrough isn’t physical. It is not monetary. It is more internal. I feel I can pick up a book. Understand it. And then apply what is in that book. I can even some times, explain it to people so they understand it too.
For anyone that has read a book and been given advice, most people know it is even harder to practice; it is easy to put a check in the box and say “Yup, I read that book too.”
But the question is, what did you learn, how can you relate that to your day today and how can you use that information in your day to day dealings with people?
The book I am currently reading is Courage by Gus Lee. I can see how it relates to my business every day, I see even more value at my job during the day.
So, to end, when was the last time you had a breakthrough? And what is something that you can learn tomorrow to move in the direction of one? Good night and God bless, Nicholas Nighbor