Friday, November 26, 2010

Thin Threads

Look back on your life 10 years ago and connect the dots. What were you doing? What got you here? Who did you meet and what kind of relationships have you fostered since then? It is amazing how life has the ups and downs and yet things just seem to turn out the way we manifest them.
I can look back to my high school days when I was thinking of going to a two-year technical college, but then I decided to go to a four year school (it took a little longer than four) and I met wife of nearly 10 years and also have two beautiful children. They are my life.
I look back and see the relationships I have formed from simply joining a church and becoming

a close friend and a business partner with someone else. I also look at something as simple as a small postcard about a Study Abroad program overseas mailed out to me. And then less than a year later having flown overseas and traveled to over seven countries in less than four months. Thin threads.
I was just watched Steve Jobs’ video of the speech he gave at Stanford University; he said it is very hard to connect the dots forward, but it is easy to connect the dots backwards. He made some very good points on what things happened in his life and how some more unfortunate things turned out to be blessings in disguise. What things are you going through right now? I am sure some good and some bad. I once heard the line, "Tragedy over time equals humor."
I also once heard that the decisions you make today will forecast where you will be in five years. You might not think so, something as little as choosing to smoke today or kick the habit cold turkey. Or choosing to run today or picking up fast food because you were too busy to pack some fruit for lunch. Believe it or not, the thoughts and actions you produce today will define your lifestyle in only a few short years.
Life certainly does have a way creating the life you manifest. But you do have a certain form of control to manifest that future. Just look at who you are associating with. Who do you hang out with on the weekends? Do they lift you up or tear you down? Do your friends want you to get your goals and dreams or just settle?
I have recently been reading an author by the name of Randy Gage. He makes some great points on how most people manifest their life. If they are sick and poor, chances are they are manifest it. If you feel sick, don’t you act sick?
What if you feel like you have a ton of energy, how do you act? Sick? I don’t think so. You act like life is great and you can attract wonderful things in your life.
It is a good idea to connect the dots to your past, at least you will know what got you where. But it is much more important to ask yourself where you want to be in three to five years. What does your lifestyle look like? What are you doing? What kind of relationships do you have? What house are you living in? What kind of car are you driving?
Define what you want, learn from those that have that lifestyle, and do what they do- Robert Kiyosaki.
Each and every interaction you have does in fact lead to your overall success in life. Everyone has thin threads in their life. It is up to you to choose; success or mediocrity.