Saturday, April 23, 2011

Head Games

It is April 23, 2011. For a few years now I have been a student of myself. There are times in your life you push yourself to do things you do not want to do. I can't speak for how women view this topic; but I do know that men at some point in their life ask themselves "What great thing can I do to contribute?"
Men cannot do great things if they do not surround themselves with people that challenge their thinking.
I have been on a journey to overcome my own personal limitations and I just broke through this last Monday.
I didn't run a 5 minute mile (though that is one of my goals), I didn't hit a significant achievement at work. I did however push myself to do something I didn't want to do and I beat my personal thinking.
I don't ever want to reach so many dreams that I don't have any left. By challenging my thinking on a daily basis I now know that my journey I will never be perfect or attain excellence because only one man has done that; but I do know that I can strive each day to do my personal best.
Men are sometimes their worst critic. How do you change that in a man? I can imagine it is like running a 5 minute mile. No one will do it for you. You must do it on your own. It is not an easy thing to do. It can be done though.
There is a book called Wild at Heart and it is a book that talks about men and their journey. This is a phenomenal book. Any man looking to define more of his life and understand his motivations can uncover why men operate the way they do.
Some times I wish I could just turn myself off and not think. That is the easy thing to do.
However, I am really glad I did not allow myself to surround my thinking in mediocrity.
My life is much more fulfilling when I am in pursuit of a worthy goal or ideal. As a matter of fact I am more fun to be around when I am in the pursuit because I am not leaving anything on the field.
Earl Nightingale said in "The Strangest Secret" that there is not much competition out there to do something excellent. Most men give up at 18 and wait to die when they are 80. I choose not to live life like that.
I invest my time into people to give them hope for a better life. I am willing to ask those tough questions to other men out there that have given up.
For young men out there; how many of you are absolutely living with a passion or a purpose? Claude Hamilton once said there are not that many men that devote their lives to a certain cause and put everything they can into something. I mean everything. How many people do you know personally that you can say, yes this person is absolutely devoted to this until?
The only real example I can think of someone showing a passion is fans going to a Green Bay Packer game. People absolutely live and breath this sport. It is not a question of is there room for a burning desire to be passionate about a subject or area in their life. The question is; why don't they put 10% of that passion into something they can directly impact? I enjoy it when I see people get passionate about something; that is why I have hope.
I have a life mission to change people's lives and I will never give up on a person. I have a mentor that has encouraged me and uplifted me and believed in me when I did not. The only way I can pay that back is to find people I can pour my renewed belief and tell them, "If you want to be great you can."
I thank my mentor for how he has helped me. I couldn't imagine not having a business partnership and being a part of a team that has created a culture of excellence and pushes people to do their best.
We don't spend our time checking in on people, it is not that kind of group. We appreciate people for where they are at and if they want to get a different result we can lead them there. You can't push a string.
Thank you for reading.