Sunday, November 28, 2010

You sure about that?

When is the last time you approached someone or read something that challenged your thinking? Perhaps it was a television show you watched, maybe it was something your minister said at church. How often do we analyze our thoughts and ask ourselves why we believe what we believe.
For the most part, people are attracted to like minded individuals. A group of factory workers are not necessarily going to hang out with the lawyers
in the firm down the street. Is this a bad thing? No.
It might be something you really never even asked yourself. A group of teenagers aren’t going to hang out with a bunch of WWII veterans either. The reason is they don’t have that much in common. They might not have a common ground to relate with each other. After all, each group has their own interests, challenges and day to day happenings. Isn’t it more comfortable to share your experiences with whom you spend most of your time?
I just finished reading another book by Randy Gage, it is called Accept Your Abundance. This book challenged my thinking.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thin Threads

Look back on your life 10 years ago and connect the dots. What were you doing? What got you here? Who did you meet and what kind of relationships have you fostered since then? It is amazing how life has the ups and downs and yet things just seem to turn out the way we manifest them.
I can look back to my high school days when I was thinking of going to a two-year technical college, but then I decided to go to a four year school (it took a little longer than four) and I met wife of nearly 10 years and also have two beautiful children. They are my life.
I look back and see the relationships I have formed from simply joining a church and becoming

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Breakthrough

Today I am writing about breakthroughs. Over the last couple years I have not spent much time playing sports, working out and joined any kind of athletic team. I have not participated in lifting weights or anything of that matter. You can understand that being part of a team in sports you have a better chance of improving your skills. It does matter what kind of league you are in. It matters how competitive the league is. It matters if you are playing against people or teams that compete at a higher level.
I can recall being part of a intramural volleyball in college, it was co-ed and most of the players were there just to have fun and play volleyball. Not me.
You can also understand I did not improve my volleyball game in that league either. It was more of a social league.
Anyone can experience a breakthrough. It is more common for someone that is new to something or some activity for that person to improve.
I remember a couple of years ago I brought my daughter to

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friction Free

What is friction free? Can you picture wearing your ice skates moving along a perfectly smooth ice rink? Or sending a bowling ball right down the middle of the lane just before it hit’s the pins? Or maybe watching your kids getting a running head start and landing on the slip and slide during a warn August day.
When things are friction free the momentum that is started is very hard to stop. You have so much energy in that one direction that it takes an even great force to stop something in motion.
Do you have any things in your life that are friction free? It could be your job, your relationships at home, your ability to get along with others.
The reason I am writing about this is because my wife has really become my number one fan and having the goals, dreams and aspirations I do; she still loves me and does her best to make things at home friction free.
Just as in every marriage there are ups and downs, if there aren’t… just wait.
The book that comes to mind for me is Wild at Heart by John Eldridge. He talks about a man and the things a man needs to fight for to be a man. I picked up this book a couple years ago and it explained a lot to me. Every man does want to accomplish in life. This can be in any area in life. But a man, does want to leave some kind of mark not only for his time while he is on the earth, but would also like to leave a mark with his family and friends. I am not going to go into details on this book because I could not do it justice. Just pick up the book.
Why am in mentioning this? The reason why is because I have a burn to do something great in my life and my wife can understand that.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about dart league or fantasy football or hanging out with the guys being the first one there for the tailgate (Packer fans can relate).
I am talking about significance. It is difficult for a man to do something significant in his life when he hasn’t had the success he wishes he had by now. And that might be a reason to be the best at fantasy football. Because there among his friends he is ‘successful.’
In order for a man to do great things; having support from his spouse is more important than creating that significance. Now that might sound contradictory, but it starts at home. You can have all the significance in the world, but if you have a broken relationship at home, is it worth it?
I don’t write this because I have it figured out. I am writing this because I am starting to figure it out.
Now try to picture two figure skaters performing a routine flawlessly-friction free. It looks easy. But you can bet they worked at it too. God bless, Nicholas Nighbor

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Deliberate Improvement

I just read an amazing article by Orrin Woodward. He was writing about something that he has taught and lived for several years. I feel so blessed to follow such a great man. He sets such a phenomenal example for those that want greatness out of their life and are in the constant pursuit of excellence.
Orrin referenced Malcolm Gladwells’s book the Outliers. Gladwell states that a person needs 10,000 hours of continuous improvement to master you skill. Now, anyone can master a skill, there have been studies done that talent is not more powerful that someone working towards excellence.
Orrin also talked about making a declaration to read three books a month on personal development, two to three audios per day and attending events moving him forward in his industry. You might be better off reading the article on your own. It is not a guess he is mega successful. It was not an accident. He did this deliberately.
The thing I learned is I do not know anyone besides an Orrin Woodward or a few of my mentors that are constantly checking their goals, progress and actions and continuously stretching their comfort zones.
I try to think back to my cross country days in high school and years later I know I could have tried harder. I am not giving any excuses, I know I could have done better. I could have pushed myself harder. My level to do well and be excellent was there enough to help my team go to the state finals, but not good enough to stand up as a top 10 finisher.
I cannot undo that. But I can learn from that. I can improve and move forward deliberately every day.
I have read this information several times, but tonight, this night, it has made an impact on me.
To get better and live life to the fullest, one must constantly strive to do the work, check that work, set a new stretch goal and keep going.
Besides the business I am in, I cannot think of anything I have done that with in my entire life. 30 years of life. I can think of only one skill I have tried to master and I can do more, I can get better. I feel like I am really starting to grasp some laws of success. The great news is learning is exponential and I feel those increases almost daily now.
No one can blame the lack of their success on others. Success is up to that person.
Earl Nightingale said in The Strangest Secret, when you get really good at what you do and try really hard, you will notice you won’t have much competition. That is a sad fact; the majority of people are comfortable. The more I learn, the less I want to be comfortable. Many people go through the same doldrums every day and wonder why they don’t have their bills paid off, wonder why they still have a mortgage, wonder why those car payments are so hard to make, wonder, wonder, wonder.
There is a better question to ask yourself. Where am I? Am I living my purpose? Can I do more?
Success is available to everyone. The only unfortunate fact is; it is probably going to take some unfortunate incident in your life to realize that.
How can you master the skill you want to skill? First decide what it is you want to get good at. Define success with that. And learn from those that have done the same. And do that which the successful have practiced.
I learned that from Robert Kiyosaki and the Cashflow Quadrant. Another priceless book. God bless, Nicholas Nighbor

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I slipped up. I messed up. I did not go to church today. I told myself the night before I was going to go and my sleep took priority.
I have no excuse.
What happens sometimes when we say we are going to do something and we end up not doing it? I am not comfortable to say it; but a little piece of my character and integrity just got chipped away.
No one is going to tell on me. I am not going to get punished for not going to church.
The only one that knows or has to know is me.
What am I going to do about it?
I am going to pray about it. I am going to ask for grace. There is nothing physically I can do to fix my mistake but ask for grace and do better.
It is sad to admit I work 50+ hours a week, and I never miss a day. I can’t sleep in. I can’t call in sick.
But when it comes to this morning, it was easy just to stay in bed.
I think that is how a lot of things are. That is really what separates a lot of successful people from those that have not achieved their goals and dreams.
It is easy to do a thing (like go to church), but it is easy not to. You can apply this to anything. You can apply this to reading, studying for an exam, working out, contacting someone you have been meaning to contact. No one is going to yell at you for not working out and no one will scorn you for not reading today. But you know. You know. Just like I know I did not go to church.
And I look forward to church. I really enjoy the fellowship, I look to the bible for truth.
It is easy to do and it is easy not to do.
Alan Jackson wrote a song titled, ‘Work in progress.’ I refuse to justify my lack of responsibility for this morning and whether I went or did not go I am still a work in process.
I think this might tie in a little to a couple other posts I have made in the past; the power of a mentor and improving. We are all works in progress, the important thing is to identify those areas and improve on those daily.
How can I provide value today? There is a book I read a couple years ago called Critical Choices by Daniel R. Castro. It is about people making choices that made a tremendous impact on their lives and others. I think you will find value in it. And I think it might be time to pick up this book again. God bless you, Nicholas Nighbor

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Mentor

One of the ways I continue to learn is by reading, listening and associating. This is a term I have learned from some books, audios and events I have attended. Three years ago I had never even heard this activity; read, listen and associate. But looking back to how I learned in grade school, high school and even college, in some form of all three or just only one I used the skill of improving by reading, listening and associating.
Every professional athlete has had a coach, every person that has accomplished anything worthwhile has had some kind of coach or mentor in their life. I just listened to an audio recently and it talked about mentorship and coaching. The speaker mentioned how important it is to pick a coach for any area that you want to improve in. The example he used was any parent that wants their child to learn how to play an instrument, they are probably going to seek out someone who has had some results in the area of music. He/she is not going to go and pick anybody off the street to help their child to become proficient in music. Just listening to that concept does not sound that revolutionary. If I want to personally improve my physical body, I will go out and seek someone that works out everyday. I will not go out and look for someone that has the buttons of a television remote molded to their hand.
Why is this so important?
Every new year- and we are only six weeks away from 2011- individuals will set out for their New Years resolution. People might want to improve their finances, fitness, family relationships, etc. The question is; once you pick that area that you want to improve in, who is your coach? Who is your mentor?
I am guilty myself. I tell myself I am going to improve in this area and what happens? Two weeks in and I start justifying the reason why it is not that important.
Albert Einstein said, “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” What he is saying there is if I knew how to get to success I would have been there by now. And if I don’t know how to get there, who is the one teaching me?
Now ask yourself.
What if you had a coach? What if you had a mentor? What if you had someone that set a goal, even a little one and put a timeline for that goal? What would happen?
If you have ever had a coach you know what would happen? Why it is so important. We live in such a fast paced and instant gratification world today, it is very difficult to look out six weeks in advance. Whatever happens, whether you change a habit, improve your finances, or become reacquainted with some old friends, regardless, 2011 will happen in six weeks.
Give it some thought. Perhaps this might help with any area you need help in. I have certainly not arrived. I am right now in search of a spiritual mentor. I don’t know what I don’t know. And I know some that do know; and if I know more I can get better.
A great book that has had an effect on me in the area of coaching and improvement is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. With 2011 approaching fast this is a book that can make a powerful impact on your life just by doing things slightly different over time.
If you are serious about improvement find someone with great results in that area, mentor with them if you can and do what they did to get there. And before you know it, you will had read, listened and associated with the top 1%.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I just led my second lesson of Junior Achievement this afternoon. I am teaching 2nd graders about the concepts of community. I think today my lesson went very well. It is such a pleasant experience to see bright and shiny children eager to learn new information.
My first class last week I was a little reluctant because I did not know how it would go. I do not have an education degree, but I do know the value of education and learning something new. The first class I led really did go poorly, the children didn't listen, I was not as prepared as I should have been and I had not really gotten the childrens' attention how I should have. A seven year old really can tell you are fumbling through things.
Today though, I knew things would go better. I prepared just as much as I did last week, but I came in with a little more confidence, a little more knowledge of the class, and a craving to share with them something they had not learned yet. I did feel better, I was more confident. I even put down my notes, I moved around, and got the class involved in a way that was a true learning environment.
At the end of the class I felt really good about myself. I look forward to next week's lesson and I am pretty sure the students do too.
Do you know what happened?
Do you know why this week went better?

I improved!
It is no surprise if you do something time and after time you will get better. Learn from someone that is excellent at what you are doing and you just might get excellent too. Henry Ford said, " Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80."
When is the last time you improved on something? When is the last time you learned something new?
Oliver DeMille talks about in The Thomas Jefferson Education about when you are learning and you are so hungry you just can't get enough of learning. It is almost a craving or an addiction. But this is the good kind of addiction. The addiction to learn something new to improve your life. Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady's Launching a Leadership Revolution they say the first step in becoming a leader is to learn.
Are we as adults getting out of our comfort zones enough these days, or do we park in the same spot every day, do we sit at the same seat at the table at dinner, do we order the same thing on the menu?
Let's together learn and improve. It is easy to do, but it is also easy not to do.
I can say today; I improved. And guess what? Next week is going to be even better.

Monday, November 8, 2010


It's too bad most people are numb to their own lives. I don't blame people for how they feel. I mean really; how many people do you know that are living the life of their dreams. I am willing to bet you might only know one or two, and if you know more than that chances are great you are chasing your own dreams. Must see TV. Lawnwork. Paying the bills. When is the last time you got really excited for a recent accomplishment of your own? Perhaps it was today, perhaps, it's been years. I meet a lot of people who have settled for their lot in life. Here's a test. Ask five people you meet tomorrow how their week is going. I don't need to tell you how they will respond. I think you might already know. Now... ask yourself the same question and how do you respond? It is not easy to step out from the crowd, but I make a specific effort with whom I choose to associate. Desired results do not come overnight, but a little choice today over time can move mountains. I was thinking to myself today the influences I have in my life. There were some decisions I made a few years ago, and a small spur of a result happened today. It is pretty phenomenal actually. I once heard if you think about something long enough and ponder on it enough, it will start to come to fruition. It doesn't have to be a car, a house, or even lifestyle. What do you want? What is it you really want out of life? If you know the answer to that question, then what are you doing today to have that come true. Life is precious, do not settle.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hello world; today, or rather this morning at 1:05 A.M. CST is my first blog post. I would like to start out my first post to be thankful. I am thankful for my freedom; freedom to choose my day today; freedom to spend my day my with my family, freedom to wake up when I choose, freedom to go to a Perkins and share a phenomenal business idea with someone, freedom to read what I want, freedom to purchase things with my own money, freedom to go online and listen and view other peoples' views on life, economics, business and family, freedom to own my home, freedom to own my cars, freedom to pray, freedom to choose not only my future, but my family's future. Some say we still live in the most free country in the world, yet others would say those freedoms are being compromised. I am an American citizen and this is my country and I think there are some great individuals in the USA that are working towards bringing those American ideals back to light. I think America is a great country because it offers so many freedoms. As we are about to celebrate Veterans' Day in a few days, let's remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice so each of us can enjoy these little freedoms. Let us never forget the Founding Fathers' who put their life on the line so we can have the freedoms we enjoy in November of 2010. God bless, Nicholas Nighbor